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White Chocolate - The Taste Enhancer

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           Chocolate is a very captivating thing for all. It gives joy and pleasure to every single individual. It is a mood enhancer and a peaceful ingredient that makes our soul happy. For the years chocolate has been that escape route that brings us joy and happiness. It is like a necessary blessing in our life.

           The reason is that not only it is a medium for happiness but also it is quite helpful for many of our health concerns. This is concept is not very popular that white chocolates and many other kinds of chocolate can really be beneficial for our health, but it is a true fact.

White chocolate - ASAP Bars

            There are many such nutrients present in chocolate that helps in many of our health problems. While considering white chocolate, it is sometimes not even considered relevant as a bar of chocolate. The reason for this is, white chocolate doesn't have that typical dark brown chocolate appearance and also it has only cocoa butter contained in it. White chocolate lacks the typical ingredients of chocolate that is the rich flavor of milk chocolate and the dark brown color of it. Many people around the globe even argue on the fact that whether white chocolate are even chocolate or not?

The Chemistry of White Chocolate.

Some scientifically proven facts:

To understand the chemistry of white chocolate and why so many people refuse to call it a bar of chocolate, we have to understand a little bit about how chocolate is made. Chocolate is made from cacao beans which are first harvested, then roasted, and lastly is fermented. After the roasting process is done the beans are grounded and pressed to remove an oily butter-like substance.

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  • White chocolate is made from the above-mentioned butter.
  • The composition of cocoa butter is full of fatty acids like Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, and Oleic acid. These three acids are bound together in a group of three, known as triglycerides.
  • The cocoa butter has unique melting processes as it contains the above-mentioned acids. This is the reason why white chocolates are easy to work with while decorating confectionary.
  • One of the research centers has tried to make white chocolate healthier by adding certain essential dietary fatty acids like EPA and DHA, To help people enhance their intake of brain-healthy omega-3s.
  • It is scientifically proven that white chocolate has many health benefits as it is made from milk. White chocolate is rich in calcium. It only helps in maintaining good health and teeth, but also contributes to the normal functions of the heart, muscles and, nervous system.
  • It is also a proven fact that white chocolate helps in preventing certain allergies and also keeps you away from depression.
  • White chocolate contains phosphorous and Vitamin B2. Phosphorous is one of those essential minerals that enhances our growth and development of cells, while Vitamin B2 helps in boosting our metabolism. 
  • This is a sweet dessert that can prove to be very beneficial for our health if only consumed occasionally and moderate amounts.

Nutrients contained in White Chocolate.

There are several nutrients that are present in white chocolate that can have an impact on our body in numerous positive way. In 85 grams of white chocolate, the following composition of nutrients are available:

White Chocolate - ASAP Bars

  • Sodium- 77 mg with a daily value of 3%.
  • Potassium- 243 mg with a daily value of 7%.
  • Carbohydrates- 50 gram with a daily value of 17%.
  • Dietary fiber- 0.2 gram with a daily value of 1%.
  • Protein 5 gram.
  • Vitamin A with a daily value of 0.5%.
  • Vitamin C with a daily value of 0.7%.
  • Calcium with a daily value of 13%.
  • Iron with a daily value of 1.1%.

How white chocolate proves to be beneficial for health and fitness?

White chocolate has several reasons to be considered advantageous for our body. Some of the reasons are:

White Chocolate Granola Bars

  • Prevents eating disorders: White chocolate is great to help for those who suffer from eating Having white chocolate can help an individual to control their unnecessary food cravings and also boost up eating habits of those suffering from eating extremely less.
  • A great help in boosting the immunity system: having white chocolate inconsiderate amount helps you boost your immunity that you are lacking. As a result, you are less likely to fall sick from time to time and at every whether changes.
  • Decreases bad cholesterol: Having white chocolate will boost up your fat regulation rate which will lead to a decrease in LDL and an increase in HDL. This will lead to an active process of absorption of food like the vitamin. As a result, this will keep you protect from coronary heart disease.
  • Treats headaches: Having white chocolate can help you in any type of headaches, be it a migraine, tension-type, or cluster type. The dopamine in white chocolates helps in relaxing the nervous system.
  • Helps in better blood clotting: White chocolates enhances the rate of prothrombotic which helps in rapid healing of wounds.
  • Helps in preventing Diabetes: It is a really unbelievable fact that chocolate can really be of help for preventing diabetes. But that's a proven fact. A considerable amount of intake white chocolate can boost up your blood sugar level that is really helpful for diabetic patients.
  • Treats Rheumatoid Arthritis: This is a type of disease that affects the joints white chocolate containing caffeine helps in the absorption of drugs for this particular disease.
  • Boosts up cognitive functions: White chocolate can be of great help for children to increase their cognitive powers. Children suffering from autism or ADHD can have white chocolate. It will not only be a good way to boost up their mood but also it will help in increasing their concentration powers.

ASAP Bars.

The ASAP bars get their excellent melting properties from white chocolate that is contained in these bars in considerable amounts. The white chocolate makes the color contrast of these bars to look lovely.

Fruit & White Chocolate Granola Bars

Tasty and Healthy ASAP Fruit & White Chocolate Granola Bars are one of the most favorite among our collections. And in addition to that, the white chocolate also enhances the tastes of these bars and gives it a buttery and creamy flavor.


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