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The Joy of gifting food this festive season!

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Does eating good food make you happy? Have you ever wondered about the magical simple recipe behind the awesome dish you just ate!? Have you drooled over online food videos? Forget about being a cook, or a foodie. Who doesn’t love good food huh?? And what would be a better gift for anybody than food for a celebration?
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Food is Life. Food is Celebration. What is a festive season without a good eat. Gifting a great eat is perhaps the best thing you can do. In a place like India, where diversity is natural and celebrated. You will always find surprises. Nothing can be even better for a celebration than an experience of food itself. 
Indians really love their food. What gets the most attention during festivals, weddings, or any celebrations? The awesome-ness of all festivities boils down to one thing - FOOD. If great food is on the table, the festivities double up. If you have never thought about it this way. Well, there is more to come.
There have never been anything more impactful than an offer of food. It affects people at a personal level. The points listed below will help you decide on this gifting option.
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1. The joy of gifting food
The emotional satisfaction one gets, when a friend munches on the snack, you gifted them, is the one of legends. Cultures, are born off it. In numerous cultures, an immediate bond is formed between friends, when they break bread together.  
2. Packed food gifts preferable during the pandemic
Food is a great reason to socialise for people throughout the world. With COVID-19 in the streets, life has taken a complete U-turn for most of them. Lesser number of social events, no gatherings, people not able to meet their near and dear..etc. But so what if you could not meet with them physically? You could always send them some delicious treats, and enjoy together over a video call. Share a bite, with your buddy. Show, you are thinking of them.
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3. A food-gift has an everlasting impact on the receiver
This is as personal as it can get. And when you have decided to gift food/snack, it is important to gift some good. Something that is healthy and delicious at the same time. It really goes on to show that you really care about the receiver. 
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4. Food make memories. Great food makes great memories.
Remember the first soft drink you had, or hot tea and bajjis during rains, or the Pooris your mother made during the weekend. Good food is remembered forever. You just need to impress those tastebuds, and cherished memories are guaranteed.  Food is the great unifier, that can cross all boundaries of nationality, religious, and personal biases. Food is food, nothing more, nothing less.  


5. A food-gift goes beyond the price
The value of a food-gift goes beyond the pricing. It is all in the taste-buds of the receiver. How well you know your friend’s likes and dislikes? Of pick something that most of them will like. You just have to ensure you carry something that is loved by the person receiving the gift. Many a times the food-gift itself plays a larger role than the price tag.
Ok, I have decided to gift an exclusive eat. But what do I gift?
Gifting a healthy eat, can never go out of style. This shows you care about the well-being of the receiver. And if the eat is delicious, nothing to beat it. An exclusive snack, or sweet, or even food that has just the right amount of nutrition, is delicious, befits the receiver and the occasion. In short, this is perhaps a great time for a food-gift to make everlasting memories. Go ahead, let your creative juices flow, make an impression with unique food-gifts amongst your friends and family. 

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