Caramel - The sweet sauce that adds taste to your life! RSS

Caramel - The Sweet Sauce That Adds Taste To Your Life!

Caramel- mention of it itself brings a smile on everyone face. It gives a calming effect that soothes your soul. Its true food is something that has a direct connection to the soul. People who love chocolates, cakes, and dessert dipped in sugary dips, their pathway to calmness has to be caramel. Caramel is one of the most popular sugary syrups that is used with tones of desserts and chocolates. Caramel not only enhances the taste but also gives that gooey taste to every solid chocolate. Now the question is what exactly is caramel? Caramel nothing but simply sugar that has been cooked for some time to form it into a liquid syrup. The sugar cooked until it becomes brown...

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