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Go for Grains – The answer to why are grains healthy!

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We've all made half-baked resolutions and promises to start eating healthy but it isn't so easy, is it? Our resolve pretty much gets betrayed by our own taste-buds tingling for something tasty which most of the time leads us to chomping down on a delicious deep fried monstrosity or something just as unhealthy!

 Even though some of you all wish to eat healthy, the starting of the journey, the first step always seems to be a little confusing. What are the healthier options we have? How do we imbibe it into our food habits? These are the kind of questions that makes us feel slightly lost and conflicted to just take that baby step towards a healthier lifestyle! Well, we won’t just preach. Let’s take a look at some real healthy, nutrient-dense foods that are tiny in size but big on nourishment!

…YES, we’re talking about grains! A staple at almost every home yet so underrated! Below are a few food grains that will make you want to consume them agrain & agrain! Jokes apart – Here we go:



ASAP oats muesli

Oats are awesome. We can’t stress on this enough! This starchy fibre-rich superfood keeps you full for a long time while also supplying you with essential nutrients like protein, manganese, iron and loads of vitamins! Having oats for breakfast every day can keep your gut healthy while also keeping you energetic throughout the morning.

But that’s not all, oats are also known to lower cholesterol levels, boost heart health and make you stronger with its plethora of nutrients!



Corn is one of the most delicious & versatile of all grains! Did you know that corn is considered a vegetable AND A WHOLE GRAIN? These tiny poppers can be roasted, boiled, grilled and even steamed to pop! They even blend will with most spices and veggies, making what you eat better in taste and nutrition! There’s no doubt that corn is incredibly healthy, especially in its dry grain form!

Corn grains are filled with Fibre, carbohydrates, B group vitamins, potassium, protein and more such beneficial nutrients. A corn-inclusive diet can improve digestive health, keep your body detoxified and also be beneficial to your eyes! Corn is healthy, filling, nutrient-rich and gluten free, making it one of the most preferred food grains all across the world!



asap wheat muesli

 A staple especially in Indian households, we all love wheat! This whole grain is powerfully nutritious with ample health benefits and unmatched versatility in the cuisines it can be imbibed into! Apart from being an integral part of almost everyone’s kitchen, wheat is rich in protein, fibre, potassium, calcium, magnesium. Wheat is also loved for its antioxidant content which is just a very specific way of saying WHEAT IS INCREDIBLY GOOD FOR YOU!

From improving metabolism to preventing gallstones, wheat grains can be a boon to your lifestyle if consumed in the right amounts! Adding wheat to your daily meals is not a difficult task. Wheat consumed especially for breakfast can keep your spirits, energy and health up!


asap rice muesli

Another staple food grain along with wheat – Rice is the most famous of the food grains especially in Asian countries! For a lot of Indians rice isn’t just an important ingredient for filling a meal but also a comfort food. Rice can be called the superhero that saves our day when we are low on energy. Other than boosting our energy, rice grains also support our immune system and keep our nervous system & heart health in check!

Rice already takes up a large portion of our everyday meals but a healthy breakfast including rice grains can do wonders to your body & mind! As the saying goes “Rice and shine!”



asap ragi muesli

Ragi is underrated. Period. Now that people are becoming slightly conscious of their eating habits, ragi is getting some amount of attention it deserves! Ragi is a symbol of simplicity, from growing to cooking & consuming – this food grain is astonishingly healthy yet very simple to acquire, and add into our diets! Ragi works like magic to those who want to manage their weight. With its high protein & high fibre content, it is safe to say that ragi not only helps in losing weight but also builds energy & strength in your body with steady consumption!

This wonder-grain is a natural skin-care agent and good for your hair too. It even acts as a coolant to keep your mind and body calm & cool. Do we really have to say more about how good ragi is for you?


Now that you know about the significance of these food grains in your diet, the next step is easy – just include all these in your daily meals! Wait… it doesn’t seem that easy does it? The best way to get the best of nutrition from these grains is by having a breakfast that includes all of these, like a bowl of ASAP Muesli every morning! ASAP Muesli is made with the goodness of 5 toasted grains which are oats, corn, wheat, rice & ragi – EXACTLY what you need to start off a healthier eating plan! Along with grains, ASAP muesli has loads of delicious ingredients like honey, raisins, nuts & fruits which are fantastic in nutrition!

And who says healthy cannot be tasty?? ASAP Muesli comes in delicious flavours of your favourite beverages, i.e., the wholesome Badam Milk, lip-smacking  Dark Choco, luscious Fruitz and the irresistibly amazing Coffeeluv!

Being the coffee-lovers that we are, we can’t help but go crazy over Coffeeluv! Have a long day ahead? Having a frumpy morning? ASAP MUESLI COFFEELUV can make mornings feel just right with the healthy toasted grains, almonds, raisins and a dash of flavourful coffee to your muesli milk! Eat your Muesli, drink the milk and leave no nutrition wasted in your bowl!

Begin your journey towards healthy eating ASAP! ASAP’s got your back!


Want to make mornings mueslicious?? Fall in luv with Coffeeluv and more here!

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