With the COVID-19 lockdowns, now is the time to uncover one’s hidden talent and skills. And many are already at it. Uncover your interests, make best use of the available time.
Hobbies are an exciting way to channelise yourself and make a worthwhile creation for you to enjoy, if possible others as well. 

You don't choose a hobby, you find one. You find something that is close to your heart and soul. So when you find your hobby, you will instinctively know. 

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The most important topic of this blog. If you are having a hard time discovering a hobby. The past would be a good starting point, since there would have been stuff you would have been interested in. Search for it, uncover it.
If you have had a hobby years ago and would like to restart. Do it only if you are interested in the hobby, definitely not for nostalgia. It should not be to relive the past, but genuine interest in the hobby is why you should invest time and effort in it. Moreover, what you have been a fan of previously, is that still relevant and interesting to you? You have the answer to that. 

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First step to understand a person, ask their friends. Second, check on their hobby.
A hobby is a true reflection of self, deep down. There is a great connection between what interests you, and who you really are.
Example: Endurance related hobbies, means you may be an energetic outdoorsy person. You just need to catch the sunshine, to shine.
So it is important to find a hobby that matches your personality and mindset.
1. Hobbies have a direct impact on your brain and body. They bring pleasure and also improve your mental and physical capabilities.
2. Every hobby is a lesson on time management, how well you utilise resources, and how you think. A great hobby is always productive, because you spent that time enjoying it.
3. It can be a great way to socialise, since it gives you a lot of common subject to converse about. Get ready for new social connections as you build on your interest.
4. Hobbies are a unparalleled stress-buster for many.
5. Channelising your energies towards your interest, is a great way to get grounded. Your hobby has the power to instill some good discipline.
Some interesting hobbies you can pick from
 If you are the one who gets the kicks when someone would ask, what you have a meme collection? Why not, memes are art. Work of an active human mind. And you can still use it. Memes are enjoyed by millions in a short period of time. They are crisp, short and communicate in seconds. Your friends would be on their knees for you to share your collection (ok..that was a bit too exaggerated). Anyways, kudos to the memers and its collectors.
Cooking is a life skill. If you haven't tried the kitchen, this is a great time. With this, you may never have to go hungry again.


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 Even a mis-placed breath can bring your art coming crashing down. This is for the steady handed, who have patience to the extent of it being a vice. There are many balancing artistes performing all over the net, train yourself and start off. This is a hobby sure to get your audience slip off the chair, if you get good at this art.

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This could freak out any average bloke, if done well. Master the technique of shadow stories using hands or articles around you. All you need is some strong light from a bulb or LED, and yourself to form the shadows.
This comes naturally to many individuals. Some people are mindless about what they doodle, some are serious about their skills. Whatever it is, no one is going to judge you here, you can start off right away.

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For those action addicts, try some traditional martial art that will strengthen you from the core. For instance Muay Thai or Kalaripayattu. Pursuing this art has more benefits than few. This has the power to change you as a person, your point of view about life itself. You will find yourself more focused, confident, and with swag for sure. 

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If you don't like it you could burn down your work, than regret eating it. :) But if you like what you created, you could get the goodwill of your entire family and  neighbours too if you choose. Every bake is a melody of many things, the many ingredients, heat, flavour, etc. Getting them to all fall in place itself takes sometime. This is something you may love if you are a foodie. You can eat up your creation.
Were you the one, teachers loved for handwriting? Have a knack for arts? This is perhaps your game. Get an ink pen, cut out the nib partially, and write the name of your boss. If you are still in control, and doing great, this is your kind of hobby.
Lastly, bring in the ‘Hobby mindset' into whatever you do.
If you can derive constant pleasure from whatever you do, you would constantly be in a state of bliss. This would make work seem like a leisure activity. Office work will never seem like office work. No more cribbing, pure love for work. And when you are deep into your subject, its hard not to be curious and yearning for more. Not to forget, you perform best when you are relaxed, and focused. Find a hobby, pursue it and change your life.