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Go for Grains – The answer to why are grains healthy!

We've all made half-baked resolutions and promises to start eating healthy but it isn't so easy, is it? Our resolve pretty much gets betrayed by our own taste-buds tingling for something tasty which most of the time leads us to chomping down on a delicious deep fried monstrosity or something just as unhealthy!  Even though some of you all wish to eat healthy, the starting of the journey, the first step always seems to be a little confusing. What are the healthier options we have? How do we imbibe it into our food habits? These are the kind of questions that makes us feel slightly lost and conflicted to just take that baby step towards a healthier lifestyle! Well, we...

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The Joy of gifting food this festive season!

Does eating good food make you happy? Have you ever wondered about the magical simple recipe behind the awesome dish you just ate!? Have you drooled over online food videos? Forget about being a cook, or a foodie. Who doesn’t love good food huh?? And what would be a better gift for anybody than food for a celebration? Food is Life. Food is Celebration. What is a festive season without a good eat. Gifting a great eat is perhaps the best thing you can do. In a place like India, where diversity is natural and celebrated. You will always find surprises. Nothing can be even better for a celebration than an experience of food itself.  Indians really love their food. What gets the...

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It is said that ‘Cooking is one of the simplest and most gratifying ART’. Here are some quick and easy ways, where you don't have to break a sweat to put some lip-smacking munchies on the table. In this blog, we will create some delicious art with ASAP - The Ultimate Snackbar. Let’s start with a quick milkshake (perhaps the quickest you can make). You can sip on it while you dole out other recipes. 1. ASAP Snackbar Milkshake in 20 sec. Ingredients: ASAP Snackbar (Any flavor) – 1 bar (you could also add 2 bars on your preference) Cold milk – 1 glass Blender Perhaps the most easiest milkshake ever. If you have a fast hand, your milkshake will be...

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