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Indoor games that are extreme fun!

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about sea of changes world over in such a short time. It's changed the way we approach work, go about our daily chores, procurement of essentials, the way we eat, spending time with our family and a huge shift in the way we spend our leisure time.

With the lockdown, people are looking for an outlet for their self-expression. There could be a feeling of being restricted, but we have to know this is for the well-being of the individual and society at large. However, let’s look at the positives. There are some hyper-engaging games around that will keep your creative juices flowing. Also which requires nothing but yourself, some enthusiastic family members with few skills. Use the lockdown time to hone your skills and form even closer bonds with your family.

Let us start with some warm up indoor games and move up the ability level. Let the games begin!


1.Movin’ On Up: The game will need a stack of cups, all of the same colour but one. For example, if all cups are red, and one of the cup is blue. Stack them all up. The blue cup will be kept in the bottom of the stack. The player must take one cup from the top of the stack and move it to the bottom and repeat this process until the blue cup has gone up through the entire stack of cups and reached the top. The player who gets the blue cup to the top first, wins.



2. Face The Cookie: Lean your head back and place one cookie in the center of your forehead. When the one-minute timer begins, you must move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth using only your facial muscles and the forces of gravity. Who does first win, and gets to eat the cookie. This could be snackersfavourite, especially during Lockdown.



 3. Straw Blow: Place an inverted plastic cup on the table on one end. Now use the straw to blow air through it onto the cup, one must move the cup to the other end. Remember, if the cup falls the player will have to start from the beginning. Time can be set flexibly, depending on the players/family's needs and moods.



 4. Straw pick: Place a cup/bowl on one end of the table, and a plate full of thermocol balls on the other end. Each player will have to use the straw to suck the thermocol ball at the end of the straw and transfer them into the cup on the other end. One minute time and the winner is decided based on the max number of thermocol balls transferred.


5. Aim into the cup: This game is for all the PUBG fans, and is a long-standing target favourite. You will need a table-tennis ball or even a ball made out of paper/plastic would do. Get 5-10 plastic or paper cups. Arrange the cups in whatever way you like, but mark each cup with a score. Maintain a distance of about 8-10 feet from the cups. Each player can come and take a shot into the cup with the ball. Agree upon the number of throws. For example, in 5 throws the player who scores the most, wins.



6. Ludo, Snakes and Ladder: Classic board games like these are always fun with family. Increase the excitement by bringing in more players, get on with a team-on- team match and raise the stakes with who gets to choose the destination for the next family vacation. People from all age groups are sure to enjoy this one!



7. Donut on a string: Tie a string through few doughnuts. Careful not to pull too tight in order to not tear the donuts. Tie the opposite finish of the string around the post and space the strings at a foot separated from one another. To starts the game, have two individuals or more, hold the pole so the donuts hang at mouth-height of the players. The player who finishes the donuts wins.



 8. Paper dance: Firstly, spread the newspaper onto the floor. Switch on the music, all players should dance on their respective select papers, and should not come out of that paper at all times. When the music stops, the paper will be folded into half. Again music starts, this will be continued until one player would stay/dance on the paper without coming out of it. Last person dancing wins. Dance your way to glory for this one. This could also be played as a team.

These are just a few out of the long list of fun games that can be played indoor. To begin with, try out these games through this week. For more games/activities filled with fun, follow our page/blogs for regular updates.

Have a FUN week!






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