Chocolate and the healthy ingredients that could be added to it for en – ASAP bars

Chocolate and the healthy ingredients that could be added to it for enhanced nutrition and taste.

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Chocolates are liked by everyone! One look at chocolate and we have all felt our resolve melt and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t crave for a quick chocolaty snack while writing this.

But to our misfortune chocolate is often associated with junk food and the trip to buy chocolate often ends in a sugar-fueled guilt trip. It is true that we cannot deny the fact that common chocolates usually contain quite some amount of sugar but it is also true that a limited or moderate intake of chocolate may not be an unhealthy habit.

Annyyywaayyy, to help you consume a block of chocolate guilt-free, here is a list of healthy ingredients that balance well with chocolate –

  1. Oats: When someone says “Oats” our first instinct is to grimace or think about everything drab, bland and unbelievably boring. But did you know how a crunchy mixture of roasted oats tastes incredibly good when combined with smooth and rich chocolate? Oats and chocolate complement each other so well, it’s a better love story than twilight! Really! Multigrain goodness along with delicious chocolate, what else could a craving chocoholic need?


  1. Berries: Strawberry and chocolate are like the power couple of all snacks. But giving credit where credit is due, cranberries and blueberries also make a delicious combo of wholesome yum. Berries add a fruity tang to the otherwise sweet or bittersweet chocolates. Berry your guilt away when you try this delightful mix. We’d like to call this one scrumptiously nutritious!


  1. Almonds: Almonds are crazy good all by themselves which multiplies infinitesimally when added with chocolate. Almonds are loaded with much healthy nutrients and chocolates are filled with everything awesome in this world. Together they make your tastebuds go overdrive with the tastiest of tastes and texture.


  1. Cashews: Cashews always remind us of cosy comfort and we know why! Being the most loved part of every Indian dessert, cashews instantly remind us of kaju katli  or the tempting garnish on payasam or kesari baath. Cashews go well with so many sweet confections so why stop at that? Chocolate and cashews get along like long lost high school best-friends! One with a subtle flavour and the other with a decadent richness, make for a brilliant combination!


  1. Bananas: Imagine a rich spread of chocolate over a healthy, neighbourhood banana! Drooling yet? You certainly haven’t tried chocolate powder/ sauce mixed with banana slices if you think this heavenly combination isn’t for you!  


The next time you crave a chocolaty snack, choose something which contain one or more combinations of these ingredients and calm your chocolate craving tummy with something wholesome!

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Though we stand for chocolaty snacking, it is important that you keep a check on your eating habits and consume anything you like in a healthy moderation.

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