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10 songs to hype you up and keep you motivated throughout your workout and your day!

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A day without music is a day wasted! Be it working, exercising, cleaning or just plain chilling, without music it becomes kind of monotonous and so damn boring! Music is an ultimate motivator and a happiness + energy boost whenever you need it!

That’s why we’ve made a list of songs that ignites passion in you and motivates you to sail through your rigorous workout or hectic workload of the day!


  1. Song: Eye Of The Tiger – Band: Survivor - Movie: Rocky III

This song is truly electric and will get you pumped up within minutes! If the opening guitar riff doesn’t make you bounce, we don’t know what will! Eye of the tiger is a workout song for your high intensity workout routines which demand high energy!


  1. Song: Hall Of Fame – Band: The Script ft. Will.I.Am

An anthem of courage, passion, and dedication, feel this song pulse through you and push you to do something amazing! If this world-famous song isn’t already in your playlist, now’s the best time to add it.

 Hall of Fame will make you want to “Be a Champion! Be a Champiooonn!”  


  1. Song: We Will Rock You – Band: Queen

Remember the ‘Class disperse’ clap in school? Is it just us or was it taken from the easy, foot thumping beat of this song?

This song is simple with a clear and catchy beat which will leave you motivated and vibing to it! Fitness regime or tough day at work, this song will help you get through it all!


  1. Song: I Want It All – Band: Queen

We can’t help ourselves but suggest another song of Queen to be added to your motivational playlist. This is a classic song from a classic band that remains a crowd-favourite with its relatable lyrics! Your workout regime will get real whenever this song shall blare through your earphones!


  1. Song: Immigrant Song – Band: Led Zeppelin

Marvel movie fans will relate to this! Can we ever forget Thor storming down on the enemies in the climax of Thor Ragnarok?!! Trust us when we say you’ll feel a thunderous amount of energy when you work out listening Immigrant Song! An ideal song for all your fast paced and high intensity fitness routines, this song will drive you crazy but in a good, zealous way!


  1. Song: Believer – Band: Imagine Dragons

Is your fitness regime increasing in intensity day by day? We know you don’t want to give up and that’s why we suggest you hype yourself up by playing this song to finish that ‘ONE LAST’ push-up, lift or burpee! Believer will get you hooked from the beginning drum beats. Don’t blame us if this song gets stuck in your head for an eternity!

P.S Check out Whatever It Takes, if you like the band!


  1. Song: Feel Invincible  - Band: Skillet

This song is perfect for you if you choose to workout at late evenings. Dedicate this powerhouse of a song to yourself because you should always hype yourself up like no one else! Like the song’s title suggests you will Feel Invincible and energetic when you listen to this absolute headbanger!


  1. Song: Titanium – Artist: David Guetta ft. Sia

Titanium is mostly known as a party song but it can also be an amazing song for a warm-up or the beginning of your workout! Whenever you feel like giving up yell “I’m TITAAANIIIUUMM” and motivate  yourself to finish your set.

Beware the EDM might make you feel like dancing when the beat drops.


  1. Song: Run The World – Artist: Beyonce

This one’s dedicated specially for all those who identify as girls as y’all really do run the world! Run The World has a powerful beat and lyrics that will make all the ladies feel motivated and empowered. Go slay your workout routine and hustle through your day at work as this blares on your headphones!

  1. Song: Unstoppable – Band: The Score

Be unstoppable as you get through your leg day or that deadline. Be unstoppable when reaching your personal goals and making yourself better and most importantly, happy! This song will fill you with all the enthusiasm, energy and the drive that you need!


Gear up and get pumped to start your workout routine or workday routine LIKE A BOSS that you already are!


Play the list, share the list and if you like it, we’ll make one with Bollywood and regional movie songs too!



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