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ASAP Almond, Oats & Dark Choco snack bars - Family box of 12. Special edition CSK Packs

Regular price Rs. 480.00

  • The New arrived ASAP CSK Dark Chocolate Granola Bars box of 12! Get 24/7 healthy & convenient snacking.
  • The pack contains wholesome of almonds and oats with a layer of compound dark chocolate on the back.
  • The ultimate combo of delicious & nutritious ingredients is the perfect pick me up for your body and your mind!
  • Keep them in your desk at the office, pack them with your kid's lunch or put them in your backpack as you travel the world with healthy snacking at your convenience.
  • ASAP bars are a great source of fiber, protein and vitamin E.
  • These contain simple ingredients with no added preservatives.