ASAP_CSK_box_4 - 2 Almond_Dark_Chocolate_2_Fruit_White_Chocolate_granola_bar_open
ASAP_CSK_box_4 - 2 Almond_Dark_Chocolate_2_Fruit_White_Chocolate_granola_bar

ASAP CSK box of 4 - 2 Almond & Dark Chocolate + 2 Fruit & White Chocolate granola bar

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  • The New arrived ASAP CSK combo of Almond, Oats & Dark Choco & Fruit, oats & white choco Granola Bars. Taste both the flavor at one go!
  • ASAP Bars contains healthy almonds and oats with a layer of compound dark chocolate on the back. And fruit & white chocolate contains strawberry, raisin, and oats with a layer of white chocolate on the back.
  • The ASAP CSK Bar pack of 4 contains the ultimate combo of 2 flavors & is the perfect pick me up for your body and your mind!
  • Keep them in your pocket for the run, pack them for your heavy & busy workday at the office or put them in your backpack as you travel the world with healthy snacking at your convenience.
  • ASAP granola bar has a great source of fiber, protein, vitamin C and vitamin E.
  • The energy bar contains simple ingredients with no added preservatives.
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