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Raisins - The Dry Fruit To Boost Up Your Dietary Routine.

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                                                 Raisins are one of the favorite dry fruits of all time. Everyone ranging from all age groups is fond of raisins. Raisins are not only used as a sweetener in any subsequent foods but also can be consumed by itself which proves to be a very healthy and even tasty snack anyone could have other than having greasy and oily junks which are very harmful to our body.

Raisins - ASAP Bars

                        Raisins are actually the product we get after drying the grapes. Raisins are popular across the world and it is produced in many regions around the globe. Raisins could be used in any sort of cooking, baking, and brewing and can also be eaten raw.

There are several types of raisins and the types depend upon the kind of grapes used and in the sizes, it is produced. Raisins are of different species and colors ranging from green, black, purple, brown, and yellow.

Raisins are a very common dry fruit that is used in various types of cooking. But it is very rarely known that raisins also have numerous health benefits that prove to be highly advantageous for people of every age group.

Some scientifically proven benefits of raisins.

There are some scientifically proven benefits of raisins that are quite rarely common among people. Some of those benefits are:


  • There are many shreds of evidence that have been proven that though raisins are considered as sweeteners, they can be of great help in tooth care. They can actually protect against cavities. Raisins have Oleanolic acid which significantly protects the teeth from cavity and decay. This acid is known to effectively prevent the formation of Streptococcus mutans and porphyromonas as gingivalis. They are the most responsible bacterial species for cavities and other related dental problems.
  • Tests have shown that raisins contain calcium that enhances bone health. The inclusion of raisins in your daily diet can be a real boost for your bone nutrition. Especially for women raisins are very much beneficial. Women tend to lose their calcium content of the bone after the age of 30 itself. Raisins have an abundance of micronutrients which helps in calcium absorption and bone formation. After menopause, it is very essential for women to have calcium and boron-rich dry fruit to prevent osteoporosis.
  • There are high levels of catechins present in raisins that are polyphenolic antioxidants in the blood. This helps in preventing cancer. The presence of catechins in the body enhances a shield against free radicals that cause the development of severe tumors specifically colon cancers. Thus having raisins on a daily basis will help in preventing the formation of cancer in your body. And if you already have cancer in a progressing state, raisin will provide resistance to the further progression of cancer.
  • The 80’s study shows that raisins can help comprehensively in preventing diabetes and heart- related problems. Raisins are rich in heart-healthy electrolyte potassium. Only 100 grams of raisins provide 749 milligrams of potassium. This helps in maintaining heart rate and blood sugar levels by countering the sodium levels in the body.
                         As a result helps in preventing stroke, CHD, and peripheral vascular diseases. It also modulates the sugar absorption in the body and thereby helps in the total modification and normal functioning of the body.

    Nutrients contain in Raisins.

    Raisins are the source of various important nutrients that are very essential in our body. Daily intake of raisins can boost up our health in a dynamic way. Per 100 gram of seedless raisins contains the following nutrient:


    • Total value- 0.5
    • Saturated fat- 0.1
    • Polyunsaturated fat -0 gram.
    • Monounsaturated fat- 0.1
    • Sodium- 11
    • Potassium- 749 mg with a daily value of 21%.
    • Total carbohydrate- 79 grams with a daily value of 26%.
    • Dietary fiber- 3.7 grams with a daily value of 14%.
    • Sugar-59
    • Protein- 3.1 gram with a daily value of 6%.
    • Vitamin C -3%.
    • Calcium- 5%.
    • Iron-10%.
    • Vitamin B-6- 10%.
    • MAGNESIUM- 8%.

    How do raisins help in health and fitness?

    Raisin has many health benefits that enhances our body in a dynamic way. Raisins are considered to sugar-rich manufacturing candies that are the best healthy alternatives to eat in place of junks that prove to be hazardous to our body. Some of the health benefits are:


    • Helps in digestion- daily intake of raisins can be a great help in keeping waste products off the system. This enhances the digestion of the food in our bodies. Raisins provide a laxative effect to the stomach that helps in curing constipation.
    • Relief from Acidity: Raisins have both potassium and magnesium contents in it. This helps in keeping the body free from acidity and it also maintains normal acidic levels of our system. As a result disease like kidney stones, arthritis and gout can be eradicated.
    • Treats anemia: raisins have vitamins like B complex and iron that make it suitable for preventing anemia. Some red blood cells are produced by the copper present in raisin.
    • Prevents Cancer: raisins have catechins that are polyphenolic antioxidants which helps in preventing the deadly disease. And it also slows down the progression of these diseases in individuals already having the disease.
    • Helps in weight loss: Raisins are a rich source of fiber that helps in relieving constipation and improving digestion. Raisins have this incredible ability to increase the production of weight loss hormone leptin in our bodies. This makes us feel fuller even if we had a lesser amount of our usual intake.

    ASAP Bars.

    ASAP Bars get their dynamic taste from this natural sweetener. The inclusion of dry fruit in ASAP bars not only enhances the taste of it but also these bars have an increased amount of nutritional value. The mildly sweet taste of these bars is because of this dry fruit.

    These bars are exceptionally healthy as they are no additional chemical sugars. It gets it the sugary flavor of raisin which is 100% natural and health. This makes ASAP Bars ideal for consumption for any age group.

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