Liquid Glucose - The Confectionery’s Glucose

Liquid glucose or glucose syrup is a syrup which is made in the process in which hydrolysis of starch is done. It is basically sugar. Glucose syrup can be produced by different sources including potatoes and wheat, and sometimes from barley, rice, and cassava. There are different kinds of glucose syrup. The one which is used for fermentation processes in the industry contains 90% of glucose. But the ones used in confectioneries contains maltose, higher oligosaccharides, and glucose which ranges from 10% to 43%.


Glucose syrup is generally used in foods to give a soft texture, add volume, and most importantly to sweeten. Sometimes this syrup is converted into fructose through an enzymatic process, that leads to a production a sweeter product namely corn syrup with higher fructose contents in it. Liquid glucose was first introduced in Russia by an excellent chemist by Gottlieb Kirchhoff in 1811.

Nutrition Facts

The nutrition facts of liquid glucose are as follows. Here we are considering 57 gram of liquid glucose:


Carbs- 16 gram.

  • Dietary fiber: 0
  • Sugar: 15
  • Fat- 0 gram.

  • Saturated fat- 0
  • Polyunsaturated- 0
  • Monounsaturated- 0
  • Trans- 0
  • Protein- 0 gram.

  • Sodium: 10
  • Potassium
  • Cholesterol: 0
  • Vitamin:

  • Vitamin A- 0%.
  • Vitamin C- 0%.
  • Calcium- 0%.
  • Iron- 0%.
  • Benefits of liquid glucose.

    Liquid glucose has many benefits that are mostly related to taste enhancing of several foods. Some of the benefits of liquid glucose are:


    • Acts as a flavor enhancer: One of the most important benefits of this ingredient is that it is an excellent flavor and taste enhancer. This ingredient is added to candies, chocolate bars, and various kinds of foods to enhance the flavor of such.
    • Helps in crystallizing: Another important benefit of this ingredient is that it helps in controlling various kinds of crystallization in confections, namely sucrose and dextrose crystallization. It is mainly used in candies because candies are actually made from sucrose itself and then are crystalized which may be turn out to be brittle.
    • Acts as a stabilizer: Liquid glucose is considered as a stabilizer as it enhances the life of many food products. It actually helps in reducing the freezing point which in turn reduces the manufacturer’s freeze time. It also enhances the capacity of freezing.
    • Helps in enhancing texture: Liquid glucose actually promotes to eliminate graining and this, in turn, helps in giving a smooth and perfect texture to frozen desserts like ice cream and stuffs related to that.
    • Fermentation: Liquid glucose is a popular ingredient in the baking industry as it acts as an economical source for any required fermented solids. Liquid glucose controls the density amount in bakery items and at the same time lends sweetness to the same. Lastly, it also adds a rich color for the crumbs.

    ASAP Bars.

    ASAP bar is an excellent source of nutrition that is recommended in our dietary routine. It is a chocolaty granola bar that has high nutritional value because of its careful composition which consists of all the valuable elements.

    ASAP Bars get their smooth and perfect texture from the liquid glucose that is carefully added to its composition. Every element in this bar is contained in moderate amounts so that it can have a perfect amount of calorie contents.