Edible Gum - A Binding Agent!

Edible gum is also known as “Gondh”. It is mostly used as an essential element for dishing out preparations that are fully packed with nutrients. In India, it is a prevalent ingredient that is used for nourishing sweets like Ladoos that are mostly consumed by females those who all are expecting a child or those females that are lactating and even those individuals who all are recovering from a certain illness. Edible gums actually originated from plant gums which are sourced from legume or acacia plants mostly in the middle-eastern countries.


This is also known as "Tragacanth" or acacia gum. This is produced from the dried sap of gum- producing plants of a different variety. Edible gums have a great capacity of water solubility and this makes them a perfect mix for many ingredients. This particular gum is used for treating many common illnesses like cough, diarrhea, and congestion. Edible gums are long used by the food and pharmaceutical industries for binding and thickening purposes. The other uses of this gum are as a stabilizer, as an emulsifier, and as a texturing additive.

Nutrition Facts

Here we are considering 100 grams of edible gums:


Calorie Contents: 332

Total fat: 0.5 gram with a daily value of 1%.

  • Saturated fat- 0.1 gram with a daily value of 0%.

Sodium: 125 mg with a daily value of 5%.

Total carbohydrates: 77 grams with a daily value of 26%.

  • Dietary fiber- 77 grams with a daily value of 308%.
  • Sugar- 0


  • Calcium (Ca) - 294.00 mg with a daily value of 29%.
  • Sodium (Na) – 125.00 mg with a daily value of 5%.

Proteins and Amino acids:

  • Protein: 4.6 grams with a daily value of 9%.

Scientifically proven benefits of Edible Gum

Edible gums have been long used across the globe for a variety of causes. There are several health benefits of edible gums that are very essential for our system to run properly. Some benefits are:


  • Treats heart stroke: edible gum has a cooling effect on the body and works as a cooling agent in our body during the scorching summers. Many drinks can be prepared by soaking the gum in the water which gives a soothing effect on the body on its consumption. 
  • Treats bowel problems: Edible gum has purgative properties which make it ideal for treating constipation and other related problems. 
  • Treats sexual problems: It helps in increasing libido in our body and helps in treating sexual inadequacies in males. And also helps in preventing certain weaknesses in men.
  • Helpful for the skin: The edible gums are eligible in delaying wrinkles and fine lines in the skin due to its anti-aging properties that make it utterly beneficial for the skin.
  • Helpful during pregnancies: It helps in providing strength and energy for the females that become very weak after their delivery. This is good for both the mother and the child as it nourishes the body and accumulates adequate strength for the body.


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