Cream - The Soulful Ingredient That Adds A Dynamic Taste To The Bar!

           The cream is such an ingredient that is nothing new to anyone. It is a very common dairy product that has always been in the industry. The cream is always used for various purposes mainly in desserts and cakes. The cream is actually a dairy product made of high butterfat that is carefully skimmed from the top layer of the milk before the process of homogenization takes place.

                 When it comes to the industrial production of the ingredients more mechanized process is used. The cream is skimmed from the upper layer by using centrifuges which are called "separators". It is sold in various countries in various forms depending upon the butterfat content in it. Sometimes it is even dried up for shipment purposes for the markets at a distant. This dried up cream contains a higher level of saturated fats than regular cream.

Nutrition Facts.

As the cream is a dairy product and it is extracted from milk, it has high nutritional value. Here we are considering 242 grams of cream. It contains the following in it:

• Calorie: 315 calories ( 215 calories from fat).
• Total Fat: 27.8 gram with a daily value of 43%.
• Saturated Fat: 17.3 gram with a daily value of 87%.
• Monounsaturated Fat: 8 grams.
• Polyunsaturated: 1 gram.
• Sodium: 99 milligrams with a daily value of 4%.
• Carbohydrates: 4 grams with a daily value of 3%.
• Proteins: 7.2 grams.
• Cholesterol: 90 milligrams with a daily value of 30%.
• Sugar Content: 0.4 gram.
• Vitamin A: 13%.
• Vitamin C: 1%.
• Iron: 1%.
• Calcium: 1% with a daily value of 25%.

Benefits of Cream.

The potential benefits of cream are huge. As it is extracted from milk, it has a high nutritional value that makes it an essential element of the diet. The benefits of cream are:

Beneficial for body growth: Cream consists of calcium that helps in maintaining body growth and maintains bone health. It also consists of calcium that helps in better absorption of calcium in our system. As a result, we intake more calcium from the food that helps in the rapid growth of bones and muscles.
Helps in promoting more red blood cells: Our whole body wellness depends upon the red blood cells that maintain our hemoglobin levels in our body. The red blood cells contain iron in it that helps in the development of the red blood cells.
Works as an energy booster: The fat content of milk is very high which helps in providing an adequate amount of energy in our body.
Promotes brain health: Cream has phosphorous in it that helps in all the essential functions of the brain. Phosphorous also helps in preventing deadly diseases like Alzheimer's.
Helps in maintaining eye health: Cream consists of Vitamin A that helps in promoting eye health. This vitamin helps the eyes to get adapted to changes of light and most importantly keeps the eyes moist.