Brown Sugar - A Way Better Choice Than Regular Granulated White Sugar

Brown sugar is quite similar in taste as the regular sugar but it has a distinctive brown color. It is the product of the sucrose sugar. It has a brown color due to the contents of molasses present in it. Brown sugar is a soft sugar which consists of sugar crystals with some remaining amount molasses in it. Brown sugars are either refined or sometimes they partially refined to form into soft sugar with sugar crystals. There are two varieties of brown sugar- light brown sugar generally used in baking and dark brown sugar which used to get that extra rich flavor.


Brown sugar is used for cooking as well as baking. Brown sugar much similar purposes that granulated white sugar, but it provides an added flavor that enhances the taste of the food in which it was used to cook for the same. Brown sugar is used in various purposes starting from as a sweetening element, for baking, used in beverages and sauces, and for marinades. There is some kind of brown sugar which is also used to make certain alcoholic beverages. And recently brown sugar has become quite popular as a body scrub ingredient.

Nutrition Facts

Brown sugar is way healthier than white granulated sugars due to its composition. Here we are considering the nutritional value of 100 gram of brown sugar:


Energy- 1,576 kJ (377 kcal).

Carbohydrates- 97.33 gram.

  • Sugars- 96.21
  • Dietary fiber- 0

Fat- 0 gram.

Protein- 0 gram.


  • Thiamin (B1) - 0.008 mg with a daily value of 1%.
  • Riboflavin (B2) – 0.007 mg with a daily value of 1%.
  • Niacin (B3) – 0.082 mg with a daily value of 1%.
  • Vitamin B6- 0.026 mg with a daily value of 2%.
  • Folate (B6) – 1 mg with a daily value of 0%.


  • Calcium- 85 mg with a daily value of 9%.
  • Iron- 1.91 mg with a daily value of 15%.
  • Magnesium- 29 mg with a daily value of 8%.
  • Phosphorous- 22 mg with a daily value of 3%.
  • Potassium- 133 mg with a daily value of 3%.
  • Sodium- 39 mg with a daily value of 3%.
  • Zinc- 0.18 mg with a daily value of 2%.

Scientifically proven benefits of brown sugar that enhance your health and fitness in comparison to white sugar.

Brown is very popular across the globe because of its certain properties that have several health benefits than regular crystalized white sugar. Some of the benefits are:


  • Prevents obesity: Brown sugar contains way less calorie than granulated white sugar. These help to maintain the calorie content in the body and thus also prevents us from getting
  • Helps in easing menstrual cramps: Brown sugar is made by mixing sugar with molasses. The potassium contents in molasses help in to loosen up the uterine muscles and relieves from contraction.
  • Boosts up your energy naturally: Brown sugar gives temporary strength and energy when you feel weak. So when you feel lethargic it is advised to mix brown sugar in your coffee or
  • Improves digestion: Brown sugar helps in improving your digestive system. So if you are suffering from the digestive problem it is advised to have boiled water with brown sugar and ginger.


ASAP bars are excellent healthy alternatives for every junk food we consume. It gets its rich flavor and texture from the brown sugar that is added in it. Brown sugar helps in increasing the nutrition value of these bars, as they are healthier than regular white sugars.